Goals AY17

Goals AY16

Principles and Guidelines for Student Success

  1. Every student will make a significant connection with another person at the college as soon as possible.
  2. Key intake programs including orientation, assessment, advisement and placement will be integrated and mandatory.
  3. Every student will be placed in a “Program of Study” from Day One; undecided students will be placed in a mandatory “Program of Study” designed to help them decide.
  4. Every student will be carefully monitored through the first term to ensure successful progress; the college will make interventions immediately to keep students on track.
  5. Every student who enrolls to pursue a degree will work with college personnel to create a Student Success Pathway – a Road Map to Completion.
  6. Students will engage in courses and experiences designed to broaden and deepen their learning.



Principles and Guidelines for Institutional Success

  1. A leader or core of key leaders must champion the Completion Agenda and be able to rally a critical mass of faculty and staff to commit to the effort.
  2. All decisions regarding policies, programs, practices, programs, practices, processes and personnel will be based on evidence to the extent it is possible to do so.
  3. Colleges will realign current resources and identify potential new resources to support the goals of the Completion Agenda (using current resources more intelligently and more wisely).
  4. Colleges will apply appropriate technological innovations to create, implement, and monitor student success to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Colleges will create and implement guidelines for rapid, expansive “scaling up” of successful programs and practices.
  6. Professional Development for all college stakeholders will focus on student success and completion as the highest priority.

Source:  O’Banion, Terry:   Access, Success, Completion



Complete College Wyoming Draft Goals

  1. Degree & Certificate Completion

Increase completion at the community colleges significantly by 2022. The Community College goal, established by CCW in October 2013, is to increase community college certificate and associate degree recipients by 5% annually, with a base year of 2011-12 and a time period of 10 years to end in 2021-22. This goal was approved by the Wyoming Community College Commission in October 2013.  The 2011-12 base year provides a comparison point for measuring goal attainment and effectiveness of success strategies implemented after that year.  Expected impact will begin to be measured in 2014-15.

The UW President and UW Board of Trustees support the goal to increase the number of baccalaureate degrees conferred at UW by 2% annually (base year of 2011-2012) beginning in the academic year 2016-2017 and ending in the academic year 2021-2022.


  1. Gateway Course Completion
Ensure that every degree-seeking student completes gateway courses in English and in Math within their first 30 credit hours at the Wyoming Community Colleges.


  1. Policy Direction for Student Success
Create statewide stakeholder buy-in for achieving Wyoming’s completion goals.


  1. Focused Direction
Develop capacity and support for Guided Pathways to Success strategies.


  1. Accountability and Measuring Success

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