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Moving the Metrics Forward

Basic Assumptions:

  • We can generate accurate data and do have appropriate accountability data
  • This is about improving student success, not about penalizing institutions
  • We are committed to maintaining academic rigor and quality academic programs and student services
  • We must lead the effort of identifying and utilizing performance standards or they will be imposed upon us
  •  We will utilize existing data sources and validated reports whenever possible. There are certainly flaws in some data sources; however, the impact is universal
  • Institutions may be interested in expanding on some of these measures for their own internal accountability.  Statewide metrics will remain at the higher level
  • Some but not all of our metrics will be used in the performance funding model for the community colleges.  We will make recommendations to guide the effort
  • Representatives from each institution/entity has a responsibility to communicate information and gather feedback throughout the process


  • Must consider the point of diminishing returns.  100% in any category is not possible or desired.  Appropriate benchmarks will be critical
  • Must take care not to penalize the institutions that are currently achieving at higher levels on some indicators
  • Must try to avoid creating a competitive environment that is detrimental to our students and results in “gaming” the system


  • Want to use data that can be gathered and assessed in a uniform fashion
  • It is okay to have some state-specific indicators
  • Would like to be able to do national comparisons with credible sources (IPEDS, CCA, VFA, NCCBP, NESSE, CESSE)
  • We need to make sure that comparators are appropriate for community colleges and the University.

Preliminary List of Metrics

  1. Courses completion rates
  • Community Colleges:  use the existing course completion report
  • Uses NCCBP Standards
  • University of Wyoming
    • Note/Question:  The ASC has been talking about something called enrollee success "volumes" as an option.  We need to understand what this is.
  1. Degree and “high value” certificate completion rates
  • Community Colleges:  Annual total number of associate degree and recognized certificate recipients
  • (include Summer, Fall, Spring graduates)
  • Compare and trend total numbers of degrees
    • Some discussion still needs to occur over inclusion of all certificates. Credentials?
  • University:
    • Do we want to also do a cohort comparison using the CCA seeking students and do a full and part-time completion rate?
    • Will include a subpopulation data.  Need to make sure that we can identify and accurately follow "degree seeking" students.
    • Track 100%, 150%, 200% of time to degree.
  1. Average time to degree or certificate completion
  • Utilize the CCA data points for degree-seeking students?
  • Break it down by subpopulations by age, ethnic, full and part-time.  Pell?


  1. Gateway course completion rates (within the student’s first 30 credit hours)
  • Preliminary Definition of Gateway courses:  First college-level math and English courses
  • Will need to create a report to track this information, but is doable.  Can use the Subsequent report as the starting place


  1. Transfer rates
  • IPEDS Definition:  Transfer within 150% of time without graduating?
    • Also track 100% and 200%. Further?
  • Look at transfer of graduates?
  • Will need to utilize clearing house data?  How do we make it as accurate as possible?


  1. Employment in Wyoming
  • MOU with Department of Employment
  • Will need to decide what we want to know.  Employment in field?  Starting salary?


  1. Workforce performance and/or participation rates
  • Percent of county populations served (already reported for CCs)
  • Utilize some of the information out of the workforce report


  1. Student retention and persistence:  semester-to-semester, fall-fall
  • Community Colleges already have a report on persistence?  Need to look at what we want, however?  Cohort based?
  • Total term-to-term?
  • First-time full-time term-to-term?
  • First-time part-time term-to-term?


  1. Others?

*Subpopulation under several of the metrics above will include: full/part time; pell reciepients; by ethnicity; male/female, first generation?

How can we utalize the SLDS to freeze data and track over time?


November 10, 2013


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