Name Position Affiliation Phone
David Anton Professor of Math WY Department of Education (307) 777-6226
Brad Barker Hathaway Scholarship Consultant Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees (307) 262-5872
Dr. Sandra Caldwell Executive Director WY Community College Commission (307) 777-7763
Dr. Mohamed Chakhad Instructor, Physics, Math, Engineering Laramie County Community College (307) 778-1277
Dr. Will Clark Asst. Professor of Biology Western Wyoming Community College (307) 382-1768
Cory Daly (Co-Chair)  Vice President, Student Services Central Wyoming College (307) 855-2106
Michael Deal Instituional Research Casper College (307) 268-2211
Kathy Dolan Trustee, Casper College WY Association of Community College Trustees (307) 262-5872
Matthew Ewers Assoc. VP, Academic Affairs Northern Wyoming Community College District (307) 686-0254
Dr. Kim Farley Vice President, Student Learning Western Wyoming Community College (307) 382-1616
Dr. Mark Englert Vice-President of Gillette College and CEO Northern Wyoming Community College District (307) 686-0254 ext 1301
John Freeman Representative, Wyoming Legislature WY State Legislature (307) 382-1724
Dr. Jackie Freeze Commissioner  WY Community College Commission (307) 382-1639
Dr. Gerald Giraud  Vice President, Academic Affairs Northwest College (307) 754-6235
Dr. Richard Hall Vice President, Academic Affairs Northern Wyoming Communty College District  (307) 675-0821
Dr. Clark Harris Vice President, Academic Affairs Laramie County Community College (307) 778-1103
Judy Hay (Co-Chair)  Vice President, Student Services Laramie County Community College (307) 766-1217
Mary Kay Hill Deputy Policy Director Governor's Office (307)777-8239
Roger Humphreys  Vice President, Academic Affairs Eastern Wyoming College (307) 532-8261
Adam Keizer Gear Up Coordinator Laramie County Community College (307) 778-1325
Dr. Brandon Kosine Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences  Casper College (307) 268-1221
Naomi Lopez Sr. Office Support Specialist WY Community College Commission (307) 777-7775
Dr. Joe McCann Program Teams Leader WY Community College Commission (307) 777-6290
Saundra Meyer Commissioner Chair WY Community College Commission n/a
Kyle Moore (Co-Chair) Associate Vice President for Enrollment University of Wyoming (307) 766-4898
Dr. Matt Nicodemus  Institutional Research Casper College (307) 268-2770
Dr. Mark Nordeen Dean, Arts and Sciences Central Wyoming College (307)855-2140
Lori Ridgway Director of Marketing & Public Relation Central Wyoming College (307)855-2103
Thomas Sachse State Board Coordinator WY State Board of Education (307)777-6213
Nicole Sackrider Counselor East High School (307)771-2663 
Danielle Saulsberry Gear-Up Coordinator WY Department of Education (307)777-8979
Dr. Joe Schaffer President Laramie County Community College (307)778-1102
Claudia Stewart Math Instructor Casper College (307)268-2520
Erin Taylor Executive Director WY Association of Communitiy College Trustees (307)631-5677
Greg Thomas Dean of Learning Northwest College (307)754-6024
Jeff Wasserburger Senator, Wyoming Legislature WY State Legislature n/a
Dr. Kathy Wells Vice President, Academic Affairs Central Wyoming College (307)855-2111
Dan Zwonitzer Interim Special Assistant, VPAA Laramie County Community College (307)778-1104




Northern Wyoming Community College District University of Wyoming Casper College Western Wyoming Community College Northwest College Central Wyoming College Laramie County Community College Eastern Wyoming College